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For the Farmer in All of Us!™

No matter what we do for work or pleasure, a part of us, small for some, large for others is connected to farming. It’s that part of us that “kicks in” when we squeeze a lemon, thump a watermelon or smell the flowers.

And it’s that part of YOU
The Grange wants to celebrate and equip!

We are a full service farm, lawn and garden store with very good-looking and uber knowledgeable employees who can help you farm your back 40, your backyard and everything in between!

But wait! There’s more! We are a full-service pet supply store, a work and western clothing store, a hardware store an equine tack and supply store and a full service diesel and ethanol-free fuel stop!

And… there’s more! Breyer horses, canning supplies; truth is, y’all just gotta come in and see us! We’ll put the coffee on!

Goat "Big box stores are ba-a-a-ad!"


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Meet the Team

General Manager

Nick V

General Manager
Michelle B

Michelle B

Belma B, Marketing

Belma B

Rachel H, Front End

Rachel H

Michael A, Lawn Garden

Michael A

Lawn & Garden

Shannon O

Lawn & Garden
Jerimy P, Delivery Manager

Nate T


Vania W

Front End
Front End

Michelle B

Front End

Maureen M