Burn Logs

We carry Home Fire Prest Logs that produce heat for up to 12 hours. That is because of the patented technology compresses wood waste so densely that the logs will burn red hot throughout producing the most efficient burn available in manufactured firelogs today.

The lack of moisture and the highly compressed wood fibers give such an even BTU output, some of our customers claim they need only 3 logs to heat their home all day! While this claim may seem exaggerated to some people, remember that conditions will vary with the efficiency of the wood stove and the area to be heated. Even our high users only use 12 log each day to heat their entire home.

We also carry North Idaho Energy Logs for wood stoves and fireplaces. These logs create fewer particulate emissions, less ash and little or no residue compared to firewood. And the high density and low moisture content of the Energy Log enable it to burn twice as long as other manufactured logs pound for pound.