COVID-19 Update

Temporary Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Until further notice The Grange will not be allowing customers inside the store, instead we will operate with pre-paid “will call” and curbside orders. Pull up and we will come to you. We ask that you limit your shopping to truly essential items.

We encourage you to phone ahead to order and pay for product. These “will call” orders will be available for pick up 1 hour after being placed. Will call customers can pull directly to loading to receive their product.

For those purchases that cannot be placed over the phone such as fuel and propane, we will station staff at the entry doors so payment can be processed through them.

Place a will call order: (425) 392-6469

*Baby Chick and Duck Shipments have been canceled until further notice. 


For the Farmer in All of Us!™

No matter what we do for work or pleasure, a part of us, small for some, large for others is connected to farming. It’s that part of us that “kicks in” when we squeeze a lemon, thump a watermelon or smell the flowers.

And it’s that part of YOU
The Grange wants to celebrate and equip!

We are a full service farm, lawn and garden store with very good-looking and uber knowledgeable employees who can help you farm your back 40, your backyard and everything in between!

But wait! There’s more! We are a full-service pet supply store, a work and western clothing store, a hardware store an equine tack and supply store and a full service diesel and ethanol-free fuel stop!

And… there’s more! Breyer horses, canning supplies; truth is, y’all just gotta come in and see us! We’ll put the coffee on!

Goat "Big box stores are ba-a-a-ad!"

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Meet the Team

John M, General Manager

John M

General Manager
Michelle B

Michelle B

Belma B, Marketing

Belma B

Rachel H, Front End

Rachel H

Jeanmarie B, Merchandising

Jeanmarie B

Michael A, Lawn Garden

Michael A

Lawn & Garden
Jerimy P, Delivery Manager

Nate T


Vania W

Front End
Front End

Michelle B

Front End

Maureen M