“I don’t really understand that process called reincarnation but if there is such a thing I’d like to come back as my daughter’s dog.”
-Leonard Cohen

Grange Supply staff is made up of dog lovers. We’ll tell you a secret… some of our favorite customers have four legs! That makes us pretty passionate about your dogs’ health and happiness!

We’ve put a lot of care into the brands we endorse at Grange Supply and we offer the healthiest dog foods, supplements, toys and accessories for your furry friends. Our specialty feed lines include grain free, raw and dehydrated as well as formulas for every life stage. If your dog has allergies, a sensitive stomach or just a picky eater, we’re sure to find the perfect food.


Plus, we guarantee all of our feeds, so if a food doesn’t work for your dog… bring it back and we’ll make it right! Once we’ve found the perfect food, our selection of supplements will allow you to customize your feeding program to your pooches every need. From digestive care to joint management and everything in between, we’ll have your dog at his very best!

Grange Supply also carries a variety of specialty dog treats, including dental chews, exotic proteins, human grade ingredients and U.S. made treats.

PS – Don’t forget to bring your dog in for a visit! Leashed dogs are always welcome at Grange Supply.